"Real. Winsome. Approachable. Like us but still herself, Tracey convinces us we can connect.” - Elisa Morgan, President Emerita, MOPS International

Tracey Bianchi is a freelance writer, speaker and pastor who lives in Chicago with her husband and three elementary school age children. She's been serving in ministry since she took a Student Ministry internship in college and fell in love with the broken and beautiful mess that is the church today. Her hope is to engage in the hard but good conversations about grace, peace and all that is possible if we let God lead the way.


Tracey writes and speaks on a variety of topics. Her most recent work has focused on motherhood and parenting with a comical twist. She is also an active participant in faith-based environmental conversations (yes, there is such a thing) and a regular Bible teacher for both women's groups and good old church pulpit preaching.


Currently, she serves as the Pastor for Worship and Women at Christ Church of Oak Brook (a congregation with weekly worship of 2500+ where she leads a team that creates contemporary worship each week. She is a featured author and speaker for MOPS International and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board at Christianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership. Tracey also serves on the Synergy National Advisory Council as well as the Board of Directors for the Evangelical Environmental Network. Tracey is an Iowa Hawkeye, graduating from University of Iowa (BA in History and Political Science) and from Denver Seminary (MDIV).


Mom Connection: Creating Vibrant Relationships in the Midst of Motherhood (Revell/Baker) was the featured MOPS International book of the year, released in March of 2012. Green Mama: The Guilt-Free Guide to Saving the Planet (Zondervan) was released in March of 2010. In October of 2012, Christianity Today noted Tracey as one of “50 Women to Watch, Those Most Shaping the Church and Culture.”


Her work has appeared in a wide variety of places including Leadership Journal, The Washington Post, other Christianity Today Publications, MOPS International's MomSense, Proverbs 31 Magazine, FullFill Magazine and more.


Speaking & Writing


Tracey maintains an active freelance writing and speaking career. Connect with her about upcoming opportunities.


2012-2013 Speaking Highlights


  • Mentor Leadership Team with Dr. Liz Selzer (Denver)
  • Roscoe Village MOPS (Chicago)
  • First Evangelical Free Church MOPS (Rockford, IL)
  • Minooka MOPS (Minooka, IL)
  • Evangelical Environmental Network Day of Prayer (Washington, DC)
  • Conservative Congregational Christian Conference Ordination Preacher (Chicago, IL)
  • MOPS International Convention -- Mainstage Speaker (Dallas, TX)
  • Barrington MOPS (Barrington, IL)
  • MOPS Field Leader Training
  • Crystal Lake MOPS (Crystal Lake, IL)
  • River Forest MOPS
  • Schererville MOPS (Indiana)
  • Gurnee MOPS
  • Christ Church of Oak Brook Women’s Overnight
  • Retreat weekends throughout Wisconsin and Illinois
  • Women’s Ministry Class (Moody Bible Institute)
  • Evangelical Environmental Network Board Meeting (Washington DC)
  • Regular radio spot featured on WYLL 1160
  • Radio interviews across Canada and US
  • Focus on the Family (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Me, God, Mothering (Naperville, IL)

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

September 18 & 19, 2013
Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church, Coffee Break
October 3, 2013
Suburban Bible Church MOPS (IL)
October 12, 2013
Iron Sharpens Iron for Women (Moline, IL.)
October 16, 2013
FullFill Webinar on Leadership with Elisa Morgan
  • Tracey makes us instantly friends. Real. Winsome. Approachable.

    Elisa Morgan / president emerta, MOPS International

  • Honey you drink way too much coffee.

    Tracey's Mom / biggest fan

  • When Tracey speaks she takes you along for a journey that you can relate to and connect to. Her faith is practical and real and that shows through in everything she does.

    Nathan Cheuvront / listener



Once upon a time I was a blogger but it was either feed my kids and keep the people I love alive, or blog. So, I opted for keeping people alive. Enjoy these archives from when I had more time.

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Lent. It’s an odd word, not exactly one that shows up in the vernacular of our everyday. “Hey, how’s it going?” “Good, just coming up with a plan for Lent. How are you?” Definitely not the material for chatter with co-workers or neighbors. Those of us who are church goers ...


Stuck: Thoughts on the Lonely Guy in Starbucks

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My Sunday morning today was the epitome of a vanilla suburban life. I hopped in my station wagon and hit Starbuck’s on my way to church. A venti iced coffee to power me through a four hour morning at work. I mocked myself as I pulled into a parking spot. ...


Estrogen, Art art and Cereal Boxes

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So Friday night I had this swanky little opportunity to join a group of women at the American Artworks Gallery http://americanartworksgallery.com. It was a trunk show event where local, handmade art was on display. After dodging through and around rush hour traffic my friend and I whipped her mini-van into ...


Waiting with Awe and Friendship

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So this week I have a fabulous opportunity to whip up a blog post for the Advent Blog Tour. A great conversation that is taking place around a new translation of the Bible (The Common English Version — http://www.commonenglishbible.com. I received a great little snippet of the Christmas Story to ...


Limited Resources and Limitless Hope

08-Nov / Green Living-Parenting-Sustainability / 0 COMMENTS

I am a miserable cook, absolutely, phenomenally miserable. In the kitchen I am a bizarre mixture of anxious and lazy that results in sloppy food all around. Mostly I overcook dishes because I am either paranoid about Salmonella or I completely forget some random casserole is even in the oven. ...


at the end of the day . . . a Mom’s tired week

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I remember the days before I had children when I looked at women like myself and swore that I would never be like them. What kind of person shows up to events in faded yoga pants and a baseball hat? Who dares to leave the house with a once trendy ...


26.2 and Planting a Tree Too!

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It was a banner weekend. A banner weekend indeed. In one afternoon I tried to save Africa and my community. Well, honestly alone I did neither and truthfully, dedicated troops of people did both on my behalf. I woke up Sunday morning at the ripe hour of 4:30 AM. Nerves ...


The 30 Minutes that Almost Was

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I am not sure there is a climate in the world better than the midwest in early Fall. Strings of sunny days, crimson leaves beginning to emerge on the trees, no humidity and it is always 70-something. Sure, we could use a little topography, a hill even would be nice, ...


On First Grade, Patriotism and Being Alone

09-Sep / Childhood-Life-Parenting / 0 COMMENTS

My son, a big time First Grader has come home every day this past week with a pile of patriotic papers. An American Flag sheet, a map of the US, a poem on loving his country to be memorized by Friday, an invitation to join the Boy Scouts. And in ...


Let’s Do October Twice

26-Aug / Parenting / 0 COMMENTS

This morning I walked my kids up the street to school and almost needed a sweatshirt. What a glorious feeling after a parched summer. Sure, this is Chicago so it will be 90 on Sunday but for one brief moment today I could feel Fall heading my way and my ...




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